The Dishonest Gun Debate

Homicides and Suicides are not the same thing!

As I was perusing through various statistics related to crime and its prevention, as one does on a Sunday afternoon, I came across the Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence and took a look at their Gun Violence Statistics. The facts presented there were indeed shocking, but not in the way they had hoped. Instead of being alarmed by anything related to guns, it was the dishonest interpretation of statistics which bothered me. So much so that I was motivated to write this article. Before going into the larger gun debate, let me show what I mean regarding this particular website:


Separation of Concerns

It is an unfortunate fact that the US sees a substantial number of mass shootings every year, and it is thus understandable that its citizens demand solutions. However, it is the responsibility of legislators, think tanks, and public figures to seek out and promote correct information, rather than misleading the population. One of the persistent grievances of gun activists is that the anti-gun lobby likes to conflate separate issues, or simplify complex situations to the point of being completely incorrect.

Comparing Countries

Instead of talking about the US in isolation, we can expand our view and try to gain insight from other countries. Comparing countries is yet another area in which people like to play around with statistics, or consider only those facts relevant to their cause.

Data Source:

PS: The “Good Guy with the Gun”

Often satirized, one counter argument to gun control is the idea that citizens with guns help prevent shootings, and crimes in progress, by stepping up and dealing with the criminals directly.

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