A Conversation with ChatGPT

Victor Hogrefe
3 min readDec 4, 2022


The following is my first conversation with OpenAI’s new Chat bot. It is now readily available on their website, and I suggest everyone experiment with it.

This conversation shows how much work these types of language models will be able to do in the future, given the right applications. For example, just based on this conversation, the entire field of high school literature homework has been eradicated.

In my previous essay on the future of Human-AI relationships, I suggested that language models will soon become an integral part of our lives, in the same way that smart-phones have. Within a few years they will take over everything from emails, to customer service, to research, to companionship, etc.

> What is the main message in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness?

The main message in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is that the darkness of the human heart is capable of consuming us when we succumb to our own primal urges and impulses. It suggests that unchecked greed and ambition can lead to a spiritual and moral deterioration, and that ultimately, the power of evil can corrupt even the noblest of intentions.

> How do the themes in Conrad differ from those in Moby Dick, and how are they similar?

The themes in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness differ from those in Moby Dick in that the former focuses primarily on the darkness of the human heart and its potential for corruption, while the latter examines themes of obsession and revenge. However, both works explore the clash between nature and man, as well as the idea that human ambition can be destructive. Both works also feature protagonists who are driven by a singular determination to achieve their goals, regardless of any personal cost.

> Could one make an argument that both captain Ahab and Kurtz are morally justified in their actions, based on their past experiences?

Yes, one could make the argument that both Captain Ahab and Kurtz are morally justified in their actions, based on their past experiences. Ahab’s obsession with the white whale stems from his traumatic encounter with it, while Kurtz’s unethical behavior is a result of his prolonged exposure to colonial brutality. In both cases, they have been influenced by their past experiences and struggles, which makes their actions understandable, if not necessarily excusable.

> Please quantify the moral decrepitude of these characters on a scale of 1 to 10, and compare them with several other literary figures on that scale.

It is difficult to quantify the moral decrepitude of characters on a scale of 1 to 10, since morality is subjective and can depend on particular circumstances. However, one could compare Captain Ahab and Kurtz with other literary figures, such as Macbeth, who is often seen as a symbol of unchecked ambition leading to tragedy; Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello, whose machinations lead to the death of several innocent people; and Grendel from Beowulf, whose evil and violence have no clear origin. All four characters could be placed somewhere between 6–10 on the scale, depending on the subjective interpretation of their actions.

> Write python code that evaluates the morality of literary figures.

> Write a python code that can evaluate the morality of literary figures in general.

End of concervation.



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