TL;DR: Bitcoin Has Been Co-Opted By The Financial System, And The World Needs A Decentralized, Private, Stable Currency

We are all dependant on a global financial system that has no competition, that is morally and politically corrupt, inefficient, and that is universally protected by every major power. For most people in the western world this dependence is not terribly inconvenient, or limiting. It’s just the way things are, everyone gets along, and so we look away. But we should be very concerned as the guiding lights of democracy and freedom have begun to degenerate into absurdity, oligopoly, injustice and fraud usually associated with the term “Late Stage Capitalism”. …

Is Western Civilization based on Judeo-Christian Values?

Disclaimer: I’m quite critical of the role of religion in our moral values here, but this should not be understood as an argument against any given religious beliefs, or theological claims. In the context of this essay, it is irrelevant whether there is or isn’t a God, as nothing here is concerned with the nature of the divine. There are two separate questions regarding religious beliefs: Are they True, and are they good for society. This essay is about the latter.

In his book, “The Right Side of History” Ben Shapiro elaborates on the now common conservative argument that western…

How language creates a barrier between the world and ourselves

I will briefly argue that the propositions contained within language expressions cannot be evaluated as true or false in a traditional way, and that consequently there exists a gap between what can be expressed and reality. I started thinking about this problem soon after learning about compression algorithms related to digital images, and it will soon become apparent why these are relevant. My argument relies on several assumptions about the nature of language, and how information is encoded and decoded. I shall start off with a quick refresher on compression algorithms.


Compression in computer science is a process by which…

Homicides and Suicides are not the same thing!

As I was perusing through various statistics related to crime and its prevention, as one does on a Sunday afternoon, I came across the Giffords Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence and took a look at their Gun Violence Statistics. The facts presented there were indeed shocking, but not in the way they had hoped. Instead of being alarmed by anything related to guns, it was the dishonest interpretation of statistics which bothered me. So much so that I was motivated to write this article. …

Thoughts on Mimblewimble, Grin, Beam and the future of cryptocurrency

TL;DR: Both Grin and Beam will not succeed for different reasons, and miss the point of what is really needed in privacy coins: stability.

Recent business dealings have brought me to mainland China, where I was able to live and work for several weeks in the modern tech-city of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is situated directly on the border to Hong Kong, and the formerly British metropolis is only about 40 minutes away.

Naturally, we decided to visit the city on one of our weekends, even amidst intensifying protests; or in my case, because of them. The news had been reporting on the situation in Hong Kong for many months, and the week before we visited, violence and tensions had dramatically increased. …

Disclaimer: The following is a brief reaction to a piece of writing, not an in-depth analysis or thesis defending any particular claim. Unfortunately, I will need to point out that the actions or political views within the manifesto are not condoned in any way. This should go without saying.

Ted Kaczynski, a Harvard graduate and the youngest-ever assistant math professor at Berkeley, would have seemed on paper to possess all of the qualities necessary for success and financial stability, and even to rise to some measure of prominence in his field. Instead, he chose to remove himself from society, to…

Why Crypto Index Funds Are A Bad Idea

It has become common knowledge in the financial world that Index funds outperform most portfolio managers in the long run, usually because “experts” and hedge fund managers charge exorbitant fees. The reality of this is well established and was at the center of high stakes, 10-year bet between Warren Buffet and Protégé Partners. It is pretty easy to explain why this should be the case.

The S&P 500 index, for instance, tracks the performance of the 500 best companies, each of which has hundreds, and sometimes thousands of employees, a long history of success, steady revenues and profits, and a…

Why decentralizing everything is more difficult than it sounds

More and more companies, financial institutions, start-ups and news outlets have been making big claims about blockchain technology and its future applications. Large institutions want to be “with it” and tick their innovation checkboxes by setting up internal blockchain teams, or by partnering with crypto companies like Ripple, etc. Business savvy entrepreneurs are vying for the attention of investors and ICO money by claiming to solve every problem imaginable with blockchains.

Many of these efforts fail to grasp two fundamental principles:

1) Blockchains are very inefficient databases, that only lend themselves to specific industries like financial products, insurance markets, gambling…

Building a successful trading algorithm that ignores price

We’ve seen the rise and fall of many coins over the last few years. Sometimes new projects seem to come out of nowhere, while other times a given coin rises steadily through the ranks until it gets noticed by the main stream. With more than 1600 coins and tokens on the market today, things are getting awfully crowded, and it is difficult to learn enough to know whether any given coin is worthy of inclusion in our portfolios.

In contrast to the stock and bond markets, there is very little financial information to consider when picking coins, and often it…

Victor Hogrefe

Tech Entrepreneur, here to share thoughts on technology, politics and other philosophical musings.

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